Welcome to the Rural Resistance!

As a group of people who have lived in the rural-wilds of the northern Great Lakes area all our lives, we initially set up this network to help protect rural areas in the U.P. from takeover by energy corporations. While we strongly support small-scale, local alternative energy and small regional energy grids, we do not support the corporatization of the alternative energy movement and its colonization of rural-wild lands and communities.

However, as the threats to rural people and rural lands are all too numerous, we’ve decided to broaden our focus.

If you know of a rural community in the U.P. struggling to bring power back to its people, we’d like to put a link to your information here. Please e-mail us at ruralresistancenetwork@gmail.com

Please scroll down or use the menu at the top of the page to find more information on threats to the rural way of life in the U.P. and beyond.  With our recent broadening of focus, it will take time to increase the number of articles we write on these issues — we appreciate your patience.

Thanks for your support!

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Rural Energy Struggles

In the U.P.

The Garden Peninsula and Heritage Windfarm

The Huron Mountains and the Summit Lake Wind Project

Beyond the U.P.

Minnesota Farmers Confront High Voltage Transmission Lines

Powerline: The First Battle of America’s Energy War by Paul Wellstone and Barry Casper. This is a must-read for anyone just coming to the world of protecting your land from corporations. It tells the gripping, informatively detailed account of how Minnesota farmers fought to defend their land against electrical co-ops and power companies. This will help with anyone’s learning curve in how to deal with the government’s layers of public hearings, committees, and other organs of “democracy.”